the flooding

Wow I haven’t blogged in forever!  Sorry about that.   Well where I left off I was in La Paz, stuck because of the weather.  We’ll I was there for a couple days because I had 2 cancelled flights 2 days in a row.  But I finally made it back to Rurre!  When I got there, it was a complete disaster.  The town was flooded and the water system was destroyed.  I was lucky I made it back!  Anyways, made it back to the orphanage to settle in and all my stuff was moldy.  Because it had been raining so much, the air was so moist that my clothes, sheets, books, and everything else were moldy!  I had to do a lot of washing.  The amount of rain we were getting was unbelievable to me.  The said that this never happens and it’s the worst it’s been in 10 years.  Anyways, I will continue with the flooding/landslides.   There was so much rain and the grown was so soft, that we had a couple of landslides in Rurre.  Very sad, I think 15 or so people died in the landslide events.  The flooding and landslides destroyed Rurre’s “toma” (which is their water system).  So now the only water people had to drink was the river water (which looks like chocolate milk) or rainwater that they could catch.  The amazing thing (and I believe that God was really watching over us at familia feliz) is that we had just put in a well a couple months before.  So we had the only source of fresh drinking water in the whole area.  So we began making trip after trip into town to deliver water.  It was exhausting because we were making 3-5 trips a day.  Town is about 20 minutes away and filling the tanks took hours.  The work we were doing was very rewarding because the people really were in need of this water.  I felt like I was in a movie.  We would drive into town and stop for 4 seconds and we would already have a line of people with their buckets, ready to fill.  Here is the video of us in that time.


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