1/30/14–4/29/14 (continued) THE END

1-4th grades

My 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade class!

5th and 6th grade

My 5th and 6th grade class!

7th and 8th grade

My 7th and 8th grade class!

After all the flooding events, things slowly turned back to normal.  Our school was delayed a month or so because of the rain.  I moved out of the house with Chris and the three boys and moved into the boys dorm.  I was in the boys dorm with the little kids (1st-4th grade) and Chris moved in the dorm with the older boys.  One major event that took place before school started was a retreat we had on our campus. The pastor in Rurre wanted to have a spiritual retreat, and asked us if we could host it.  So one weekend we had about 80 people staying on our campus (which was a little crazy).  But after that the kids started coming in.  This was a great time because I hadn’t seen the kids all summer break (or winder break back home)!  When the school year started back up again, I was teaching 1st-8th grade math.  I enjoyed this very much!  I was also teaching P.E. in the afternoon.  It was really awesome to be able to teach the kids math and see results.  Anyways, things were pretty normal until I left in April.  Leaving was very sad.  A lot of the boys and girls there called me “papa” and were begging me to stay.  It was especially hard to say goodbye to the boys in my dorm.  I had really become fond of all of them, and enjoyed my time with them.   I remember at night a lot of the boys would love for me to rub my beard on their face right before bed, they thought a beard was such a strange thing, but loved it.  I loved tucking them in every night, and I will miss that very much.  The day finally came and we left.  Chris, Amber, and I flew from Rurre to Santa Cruz, stayed 2 nights in Santa Cruz, and flew home.  Coming into the Miami airport was very exciting.  I was so proud to be an American!  The american airlines even had patriotic music playing right when we landed.  My heard was beating so hard with pride!  Seeing my parents and family was great and I couldn’t believe that just a couple days before I was in the rain forest in Bolivia.  Coming home was very strange.  When I was in Bolivia, home felt so distant and unreachable, but when I first stepped foot in my home after over 8 months, I felt like I had never left.  It’s a feeling I can’t really describe.  I have been home for over 2 weeks now and it has been so good to see all of my friends and family again, but I also miss my family in Bolivia.  Nunca me voy a olvidar el lugar que se llama Familia Feliz.  Siempre estará en mi corazón. I hope my path will cross Familia Feliz again, a place I will never forget.


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