About a week after I got back from my trip with Chris, my parents came to visit the orphanage.  We only spent a little bit of time in Rurre, just enough to see the orphanage and take one hike.  My family and I headed to La Paz.  From La Paz we went to Lake Titicaca and learned a lot about the culture there.  It was very interesting.  Then we headed to Cusco, spent a day there, and made our way to Machu Pichu.  Machu Pichu was incredible! The views were awesome and the train rides to and from Aguascalientes were very enjoyable.  After visiting Aguascalientes, we headed back to Cusco and my family flew home, and I returned to the orphanage.  Then I stayed there for two weeks.  During those two weeks, we started an evangelistic series in Rurre.  I was only there for the first 4 nights of it.  Then I headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina to meet up with a group from AMOR projects.  Got to see Kaitlyn for the first time in 6 months! It was great!  In Buenos Aires, we just did city stuff like walk around, eat out, etc.. After Buenos Aires we headed to Lima, Peru.  There we spent time at the beach, surfing, exploring lima, and paragliding! It was a great trip.  Right now I am in the airport waiting for my flight to Rurre.  I hope it’s not canceled, because the weather has been really bad here and a lot of flights to and from Rurre have been canceled.  Anyways, that sums up my last two months! Sorry I left out a lot of details! Hasta luego!


3 thoughts on “11/26/13–1/29/13(continued)

  1. Thanks for the update Hunter, we are so glad you finally made it back to Rurre safely. Praying for everyone affected by the terrible flooding. Good luck next week as school starts again. Love and miss you, Mom❤️

  2. Kaitlyn Seheult says:

    It was SO great to see you, Hunter!! 🙂 You forgot to mention how amazing you are at surfing! 😉 I am so glad that you made it back safely to Familia Feliz. Please be safe with all of the flooding going on! I am always praying for you! 🙂 Miss you so so much! ❤

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