Wow I haven’t blogged in a long time! Sorry about that.  Anyways, the past two months have been very eventful!  We started replacing one of our roofs.  Almost all of our roofs are thatched with leaves.  They work well, but they have SO many bugs in them and they have to be really steep to keep the rain out.  So they aren’t very space efficient.  Not to mention they are HUGE fire hazards.  One kid lighting on match in the house and its over.  So our project is to replace all the roofs with metal.  That way they will last much longer and their pitch wouldn’t have to be so steep, saving us a lot of space.  Anyways, we got the money for the first roof, so we started working.  We worked hard all day working on the roof.  Taking the old thatched roof down was very tedious.  We had to punch out every grouping of leaves! I actually had to climb up on the roof to help take it down.  Super sketch.  We brought the soldiers in from the army base to help us lift up the new walls to the second floor.  I learned a lot about construction while helping build the new roof.  It was a valuable experience.  Also, with all the kids gone except for a few, we had a lot of free time.  So I did a lot of traveling in the past two months.  First trip I went on was with Chris.  We first went to Sucre.  I really like it, the weather was perfect!  We visited the city and chilled.  Then we took a taxi, about 2 hours or so, to Potosi.  Potosi was once a huge mining city.  There are still miners there, but not as many.  We took a tour in the mines, which was awesome and terrible at the same time.  It was awesome because I love exploring and the mines were very interesting.  But the bad part was that we were probably at 14,000ft, and the air was stuffy and gassy and dusty! It was really hard to breath!  Anyways after Potosi, we took a bus to Tupiza.  We didn’t spend much time there, the next day we started our tour of the salt flats.  The salt flats tour was 4 days three nights, and it was awesome.  It was kind of like camping at times, but I didn’t mind that.  We saw a lot of incredible things! We ended up in Uyuni, and flew to La Paz.  In La Paz, I rushed around and did paperwork and got my carnet.  Chris and I watched “El Hobbit” which was AWESOME. And in Spanish!  Another thing we did in La Paz was summit a close-by mountain.  At the top, we were around 17,600ft! Higher than I have ever been or probably go. After La Paz we returned to Familia Feliz.


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