Greetings all.  This week we finished School here at Familia Feliz.  I gave my final exam on Monday, and most of the kids were gone by Tuesday.  There are still 5 kids here that will be staying for the summer.  My exam in math went very well! My exam was 40 points, and I think my lowest grade was a 32. So they all did very well! I was very proud.  After that, on Wednesday, Chris, Samuel, and I went on a three day tour in Las Pamas.  It was very good.  The first day we drove about 3 hours up the road, and then 3 hours up the river.  We put our stuff in our rooms (a shack with a mattress and a mosquito net) and headed up the river to see the sunset.  After that we returned and went to sleep.  It rained all night.  The next day is was still raining, and in the morning we went out to look for dolphins.  When we found some, we jumped in the water and began to swim with them.  They were very curious of us and swam very close.  I ended up touching on eventually! It was great.  Then we looked at more wildlife and called it a day.  The next day we went out to search for anaconda!  We went to a boggy marshy area with tall grass and about a half foot of water.  We began walking and searching.  Finally we found one!  Apparently it’s pretty hard to find an anaconda, so we got lucky!  The guide wrestled it in a good position to take pictures, and we watched it for a while.  Then as we were leaving, Chris and I went up and touched it tail really quickly just so we could say that we touched an anaconda!  After that we headed back to the shack and packed up.  The trip down the river was only an hour and a half instead of three because we were going with the current.  Then we drove three hours back to Rurre, great trip.  On Saturday, we had church in Familia Feliz, and it went well, pretty normal Saturday.  This Sunday we took the kids again, so I am at the pool.  The kids LOVE the pool.  That sums up my week.  I think I am staying at Familia Feliz next week so talk to you all in two weeks, thanks for reading, God bless!

In the picture: Chris, Sam and I in the boat on the rainy day!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


3 thoughts on “11/17/13–11/24/13

  1. Aimee Seheult says:

    Hi Hunter, I am so proud of you! I think about you and Kaitlyn all the time and cant wait for you guys to come back. Your a great math teacher and I know that you are greatly impacting your students lives. Be blessed thinking about you, Love Sister Aimee

  2. Hi Hunter,
    Christmas is almost here and I’m sure your excited that you will soon see your family. May God continue to Bless you as you continue to do his work.
    God Bless,
    Mrs. Seheult

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