Hello. I don’t have a lot to write about this week.  In school, I reviewed all week for the exam they have this coming Tuesday.  For work this week I was in Rurre a lot shoveling rocks build a base for a water tank.  We are getting a well, and our goal is to put a water tank behind each house so each house can have a water reserve when our water supply goes out.  I smashed my finger while working one day.  I was shoveling one direction and another volunteer was working in the opposite direction and our shovels collided.  It split my nail in half and ill probably lose the nail in the next week or so.  But it wasn’t a terrible accident.  One Saturday, I did the sermon.  It went really well, and it was my first sermon completely in Spanish.  I was nervous at first, but when I got up there I didn’t even have to think about speaking Spanish, it just happened.  God was definitely helping me out! I couldn’t have done a 30 minute sermon straight in Spanish without His help.  Then the rest of Saturday I just relaxed and rested.  That’s pretty much my week! Talk to you all later!


3 thoughts on “11/11/13–11/17/13

  1. Robin Seheult says:

    Hunter, What a Blessing it is , that you have so many God given talents. Your sermon sounds awesome…
    I’m sorry to here about your finger, because I know how painful that is,

    . You’ll get use to driving the truck, kinda like a Madia vehicle,,lol
    From your post with that baby snake, I held back, but wanted to say, where there’s a baby, there’s a ” Momma” :(..I don’t do snakes.. Be careful.
    God will continue to Bless you and we are all Praying for you..
    Love ,Mrs. Seheult

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